LAKESIDE SPORTS MEDICINE CENTRE will remain open throughout the grand prix period

monday 4th april – tuesday 14th April. For parking instructions,
download the pdf below.


Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC), as an indoor facility currently allowing Authorised Workers, must also comply with the Government mandate that requires all Authorised Workers to at least have their first dose vaccination by October 15, and full vaccination by November 26.

As Lakeside Sports Medicine Centre is located within MSAC facilities, we also need to ensure we are following The Victorian Government’s health directions.

Therefore, from October 15, Lakeside will require all patients eligible for vaccination to have proof of their first dose or confirmed bookings of their first dose to continue receiving face-to-face appointments. Telehealth appointments are available for those who cannot meet this requirement.

While we understand this may cause some frustration in the short term, Lakeside will always operate in line with Victorian Health guidelines to ensure we do all we can to keep all Victorians safe.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.